Your College Life Experiences Checklist

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It is important to create a balanced and fun lifestyle. Writing A lot of people think you have to be a good writer to write. Some ideas for what to write about include: personal stories, fictional stories, poetry, song lyrics, etc. You can also consider using an e-book and purchasing books for a lower cost than some hardcover books may cost. You can also read online in PDF form, share books with friends, or even start a book club where you can exchange books. Additionally, there are apps and resources to learn photo editing on either a computer or a phone. Sports Participating in sports is a great way to benefit both your body and your mind. Whether you choose to play group sports or go at it alone, you will produce endorphins in your body and train your physical strength. A lot of sports are free.

Can you repeat that? we remember most fondly down the road are those other college traditions; the mascots, the cheers and altogether of those quirky activities. Traditions of College Life Stanford's alumni magazine ran a list of things to accomplish in college that included such time-honored, Stanford rituals as joining in the Dead Week Primal Scream, dancing by the Mausoleum Party and getting kissed at Full Moon on the Court, a tradition for all freshmen before it was before the advent of swine flu on college campuses. A few decades ago, that list almost certainly would have included swallowing goldfish, bearing raccoon coats and cramming into buzz booths too. Not all college traditions involve accepting a dare or assembly a fool of yourself. Some are tried and true traditions that all school has and every college apprentice should experience. You are still adolescent and college is filled with amusement, get out there and make the most of it!

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