It's Not Just Sex

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By Garrett M. Sounds stupid. Boston University party. Six in total, a decent night. Too bad he lost track of his total count after While few people take casual sex to this extreme, the hook-up culture at college is no rarity; 72 percent of us will hook up before we graduate. This is no surprise. Combine free condoms, distance from home, minimal responsibility, plentiful alcohol, and parties every weekend with the fact that sex just feels good and you have an equation for casual sex. The hook-up culture may seem like an elegant solution to the college life style—reap all the benefits of an orgasm without the commitment of a relationship—but it distorts and perverts our capacity to value each other.

Can you repeat that? happens to your brain on love? What do we get wrong a propos male and female sexuality? An authority explains. These are a few of the questions I put to Helen Fisher in a recent interview. Fisher is a biological anthropologist, the boss scientific adviser to the dating locate Match. Fisher, in other words, has spent a lot of time accepted wisdom about the role of sex after that love in human life. So I reached out to her to achieve out what she has learned after that how it undercuts a lot of our conventional ideas about sexuality after that gender. I also wanted to appreciate what distinguishes love from attachment, after that why she thinks there are three simple things you can to accomplish maintain a happy relationship. A calmly edited transcript of our conversation follows.

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