7 Signs She'll Be Good in Bed

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It's an enigma as enduring as Mona Lisa's small, knowing smile: Sometimes meek women turn wild in bed; sometimes they just lie there, waiting to inherit the earth. Sometimes the chestnut filly with the riding crop turns out to be all packaging; sometimes she's as thrilling as the signs indicated she'd be. It made me wonder: Is it possible to reliably predict what a woman is like in bed? The love scientists say yes—sort of. A woman's high heels, short skirt, and follow-me walk mean little. But they are not signs that this person is actually good in bed and is compatible with you.

You guys hang out, get intimate after that then…he leaves. In that case, at this juncture are eight more clues that can help you solve the mystery of whether your lover is interested all the rage you as more than just a bedmate. WARNING: The truth of these clues may sting, but better en route for know where you stand, than en route for lay down for too long along with the wrong guy, right? If your guy seems to always be MIA during the weekends, this is a clear sign that he is reserving weekends for someone else on his literal to-do list, or keeping his options open to meet other women. Weekends are strictly reserved for A-listers and new opportunities. A guy who is really into you will be in contact regularly.

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