Confessions of a Closet Smoker

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A guy who can make me laugh. I love quiel walks 8 candle lit dinners. Age is unimportant. Call Ext. I like country music, fishing, dancing 8 cooking. I would prefer a nonsmoker. Loves to have tun or just stay home. Someone who is interested in kids that will treat me 8 my children right. I work 8 live on my own.

I wish to meet a gentleman who is slender, active, has high ideals A interesting hobbies. Someone who absence to meet someone very spedal en route for share lives daily experiences with. Appeal Ext. SF I'm looking to assemble someone to share activities with. Booth Ext. Cali Ext. I'm leaking lor a White male who is ancestor oriented, likes long walks, movies, body with friends A family. Someone who is not into head games A looking lor that person lor a long term relationship.

Ago to Quit smoking. The younger you start smoking, the more damage your body will suffer when you acquire older. Here are some important reasons to quit and 8 ways en route for help you do it. It's actual hard to give up by determination alone. Get all the help you can find: using stop smoking medicines can really increase your chances of success.

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