20 Best Medium-Length Hairstyles for Older Women

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Crisp Bob Bangs Blunt bangs make a classic bob or lob super-fashionable, and add definition and structure to your face. Maintaining that sharp horizontal line at the tips does require frequent trims, but most salons now offer this in-between service free ask your stylist. Whether your bob is styled to curve like Anna Wintour's left or is a stick-straight version like that of Patti LaBelle, the effect is bold and crisp. Avoid cutting the fringe too wide at the sides — just to the outer-eye corners is an ideal proportion. Feathery Fringe Soft, airy bangs with some separation work well for hair that's fine. Don't worry about taking away hair — by cutting a frame, you actually gain the illusion of fullness. But you have to be OK with imperfection: If bangs split at the center or appear see-through wispy — that's all part of the look, as from left Emily Mortimer, Twiggy and Reba McEntire prove. Beginners should start with a few long bangs at the center and gradually work up to a full set.

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The site may earn a commission arrange some products. Mar 12, Getty Images As you get older, you capacity consider chopping off some hair. It's certainly not required, though, which Ree Drummond will tell you: Maybe I'm simply used to being a child with long hair, or maybe I'm clinging to my youth! But but you're not ready to try a short haircut , that's ok—the finest medium-length hairstyles for older women allocate you a bit of length—but are also easy to manage.

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