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Comment Synopsis The integration of Indian economy with the rest of the world depends on creating awareness within the private and educational sectors. If it took you more than five seconds to answer this question, let us work on your blindfold. With million native speakers, Spanish language has proven to be one of the most important languages in the business field, due to growing interaction between India and Spanish speaking countries. Let us have a brief look at where India stands at the moment. Keeping this interaction in mind, the expanding global economy would require a workforce of million.

DOI: Data sources: A descriptive correlational design was used to examine the degree of cultural competence in NPs and measures of patient satisfaction along with Latinas. A convenience sample of 15 licensed NPs from 11 different clinics in a large southwestern city completed two self-administered questionnaires. A convenience appraise of Latina patients completed three self-administered questionnaires available in both English after that Spanish. Descriptive statistics and correlations were used to analyze the data. Conclusions: Latina patients reported greater satisfaction along with NPs of Latina origin who were certified, had received cultural competence education, could speak Spanish, and had attended master's level programs.

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