'Sexsomniac' RAF man sobs as he is cleared of raping girl in his sleep

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Some sexsomnia events may produce physical effects such as lacerations or genital bruising. Sometimes a sleep sexsomnia event can result in sexual assault. If the latter is the case, bed partners, roommates or family members concerned about assault or aggressive behavior may want to sleep in separate bedrooms with locks until the situation is resolved. What Are the Causes of Sexsomnia?

Boss Aircraftsman Kenneth Ecott, 26, broke along in tears after a jury took two hours to agree that he was not responsible for his actions. Ecott did not deny having femininity with the girl but said he had no memory of it episode. Instead he insisted he had a condition known as 'sexsomnia' in which sufferers carry out indecent acts all the rage their sleep. It was this atypical affliction which caused him to ascend naked on top of the child during a friend's birthday party sleepover, Bournemouth Crown Court was told. The teenager screamed when she awoke.

Answer When I was around 5 before 6 I was sleepwalking pretty commonly. I stopped sleepwalking around 8. I went into my house to acquire something to drink. I then went outside. That was the last affair I remembered until I woke ahead the next morning. My wife alleged we had fun with the grandchildren and had a bonfire. She alleged it was about 3 or 4 hours from the time I went outside until we went to band.

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