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NIMH statistics pages include statistics on the prevalence, treatment, and costs of mental illness for the population of the United States. If you or someone you know has a mental illness, there are ways to get help. Use these resources to find help for yourself, a friend, or a family member. If you or a friend or family member are thinking about taking part in clinical research, this page contains basic information about clinical trials. Find out how NIMH engages a range of stakeholder organizations as part of its efforts to ensure the greatest public health impact of the research we support. Use these free mental health education and outreach materials in your community and on social media to spread the word about topics like eating disorders, autism awareness, and suicide prevention. NIMH supports research at universities, medical centers, and other institutions via grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements. Learn more about NIMH research areas, policies, resources, and initiatives.

Administrator websites use. Share sensitive information barely on official, secure websites. Please be on the same wavelength here to see any active alerts. If your home was built ahead of , it is more likely en route for have lead-based paint. In , the federal government banned consumer uses of lead-based paint, but some states banned it even earlier. Lead paint is still present in millions of homes, sometimes under layers of newer dye. If the paint is in able shape, the lead paint is as a rule not a problem.

Administrator websites use. Share sensitive information barely on official, secure websites. Please be on the same wavelength here to see any active alerts. While it has some beneficial uses, it can be toxic to humans and animals, causing health effects. Advance can be found in all parts of our environment — the aerate, the soil, the water, and constant inside our homes. Much of our exposure comes from human activities as well as the use of fossil fuels as well as past use of leaded gasoline, a few types of industrial facilities and ancient use of lead-based paint in homes. Lead and lead compounds have been used in a wide variety of products found in and around our homes, including paint, ceramics, pipes after that plumbing materials, solders, gasoline, batteries, ammo and cosmetics.

L ove is wonderful, love is bliss, love is the greatest thing all the rage the world… Love is also an enormous pain in the ass. Marriage ceremony is hard work. So how accomplish you make love last? What myths about love are leading us lost and what do you have en route for do to have a loving affiliation that stands the test of time? His newest work is A Charge About Love. Sorry about that. All asks how you got married. Insignificant person asks how you stayed married.

A propos half of first marriages in the U. But for one demographic arrange, marriages last longer than most: College-educated women have an almost eight-in-ten ability of still being married after two decades. The probability of a durable first marriage is derived from conjugal history data from the National Analyse of Family Growth, a nationally agent sample of women and men who were ages 15 to 44 amid and Estimates are based on an approach similar to that used en route for determine life expectancy and assume so as to marriage patterns in the future bidding follow patterns today. The findings consign only to opposite-sex marriages; the appraise size was too small to analyze same-sex marriages. Reasons for marriages conclusion include divorce and separation. Marriages so as to ended in death were not built-in in the analysis. And adults along with advanced degrees were not separately analyzed because of the small sample amount. The findings are yet further confirmation of the marriage gap in the U.

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