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The question is whether it will be manageable for a day or render her unable to get out of bed. Simple things others hardly notice — a strong breeze, a hot bath or lying under sheets — can leave the year-old high school senior in searing agony, the results of a rare nervous system disorder that put a girl who loved all sports, from basketball to volleyball to martial arts, in a wheelchair. Yet on Saturday, Dunkin will be in Austin competing for Comal Canyon in the first sanctioned wheelchair events at the Texas state high school track meet. The state meet starts Friday. Another disabled athlete, legally blind pole vaulter Charlotte Brown, a junior at Emory Rains High School, will be at the state meet for the second time competing against able-bodied vaulters. Dunkin was — and is — an avid basketball player. When her nerve disorder robbed her of her able-bodied basketball career, she switched to wheelchair hoops and plays for a team affiliated with the San Antonio Spurs. She also plans to play in college for the University of Texas at Arlington.

Two backcountry campsites are maintained to acclimatize wheelchair users. Learn more about fishing regulations in Yellowstone. Only Mammoth is open year round. Motorized Personal Vehicles Motorized wheelchairs and scooters that are designed solely for use by a person with a mobility impairment are allowed. Check the picnicking pagethe NPS Yellowstone National Park appor ask designed for a free handout at visitor centers to learn more. The Mammoth Boundary marker Office is open year-round. Service Animals Qualified service animals assisting people along with disabilities are allowed and must be leashed. A service animal is defined as a dog that performs a few of the functions and tasks so as to the individual with a disability cannot perform such as carrying a backpack for persons with mobility impairments, assisting persons with balance, or alerting medically-dependent persons of specific conditions such at the same time as oncoming seizures.

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