Dirty Little Secret

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It was constructed like a simple carbohydrate. There were four saccharine choruses and only two verses, and the power chords belonged on Abercrombie bags. By Augustthe song debuted on the big screen. Within a year, it was a staple on teen movie soundtracks. The genre had moved away from its R-rated roots to meet mainstream demands for modesty. The Pacific Vista cheerleading team holds a farewell ceremony to bury her pom-poms on the football field, but Britney unearths the pom-poms against the wishes of her replacement. The Pacific Vista team busts Britney when they spot her in the background of a local news report about the Crenshaw Heights cheer team. That affair, in particular, would have provided a juicer context for the song.

She befriends three other aspiring musicians, as well as James Wright Phoenix's character. James looks like a young Johnny Cash. The similarities end there, as the central character in Dirty Little Secret is Bailey Mayfield Wright, a seventeen year aged fiddle player who has been before a live audience the country western and bluegrass course with her younger sister Julie as she was just a kid. Bailey is, in fact, quite the all for when it comes to the composition business, having been raised on it.

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