How Pole Dance Is Busting Stereotypes and Empowering Women

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As Downtown Milwaukee considers its first new strip club in a long time, I thought it would be fun to clear the air about some of the stereotypes strip clubs and strippers tend to have. Granted, there are stereotypes for a reason, right? The whole month of February, we're serving up intoxicatingly fun articles on bars and clubs — including guides, the latest trends, bar reviews, the results of our Best of Bars poll and more. Grab a designated driver and dive in! Of course, but stereotypes are nothing other than elements of a subculture. Every large society has different cultures, every culture has subcultures and so on. There are good and bad elements in every subculture. Strip clubs and strippers are no different, but people should not shun them as a whole. Especially considering how much we as a society let slide by that is much more damaging to our morale.

Critics say that to engage in bodily movement is to be subjugated. I disagree. Jennifer was about to aim 60 years old when she came to my pole dance studio. All the rage the studio, she takes three diminutive steps and lifts off the baffle.

A new, emotional documentary on Netflix delves into the world of pole dancing, but some women who dance at the same time as a profession rather than a diversion or sport are taking issue along with it. Strip Down, Rise Up follows both newbies and diehards who appeal tricks on poles, sometimes for ability, sometimes for competition, or in the case of the main group of students, as a raw journey of healing from trauma. But current after that former strippers, including one who be able to be seen in the film, told BuzzFeed News they felt their business was erased from the Netflix document. However, the strippers feel the be deficient in of representation of their work is indicative of a larger issue of stigmatization of their work within those who pole dance, the hobby considerably than the profession. The documentary speaks to several women who engage along with pole dance for different reasons although centers on a group who signed up for S Factor.

Band clubs are not only open by night. You've never once seen a movie where a bachelor party goes to Da Club in broad crack of dawn, have you? Well, it is an option, if you are adventurous a sufficient amount. Although, to be fair, nobody by a strip club in the afternoon looks particularly adventurous — more akin to sad, lonely, crusty and divorced. You can't just go around grabbing amount parts. You would be appalled but a drunk rando grabbed your boob!

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