Menopause: 11 Things Every Woman Should Know

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Treating menopause symptoms: What's right for me? Larissa's story Larissa is She's excited to be starting a new phase of her life as her children leave home and she has more spare time for her other interests. She's looking forward to traveling and taking a pottery class.

Carve down what you were doing, consumption, drinking, feeling, or wearing when all hot flash began. After several weeks, you may begin to see a pattern that can help you avert specific triggers. Preventing hot flashes You may be able to reduce the frequency of your hot flashes but you figure out your triggers, after that avoid them. No treatment is assured to prevent hot flashes, but around are options that may help you manage your symptoms. The goal of treatment is usually to lessen the severity and frequency of your angry flashes. You can consider lifestyle changes, hormone replacement therapy, prescription medications, before alternative therapies. Talking to your clinic can help you decide on the best approach to help prevent your hot flashes. Quick relief methods A few women are able to manage their hot flashes with some simple tools or techniques.

Body overweight and smoking may also accomplish hot flashes worse. A few techniques may help reduce your hot flashes and their symptoms: Dress in layers to help with hot flashes, after that use a fan in your abode or office space. Do breathing exercises during a hot flash to aim to minimize it. Medications such at the same time as birth control pills, hormone therapy, before even other prescriptions may help you reduce hot flashes. How does menopause affect my bone health? The beg to be excuse in estrogen production can affect the amount of calcium in your bones. This can cause significant decreases all the rage bone density, leading to a acclimatize known as osteoporosis. It can additionally make you more susceptible to a la mode, spine, and other bone fractures. A lot of women experience accelerated bone loss the first few years after their after everything else menstrual period.

Using hormones to treat hot flashes after that night sweats Hot flashes, a coarse symptom of the menopausal transition , are uncomfortable and can last designed for many years. When they happen by night, hot flashes are called dark sweats. Some women find that angry flashes interrupt their daily lives. Delve into has shown that there can be different patterns of when women at the outset experience hot flashes and for how long, and that African American after that Hispanic women have hot flashes designed for more years than white and Asian women.

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