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Body mass index BMI uses height and weight measurements to estimate a person's body fat. But calculating BMI on your own can be complicated. An easier way is to use a BMI calculator. On a standard BMI chart, kids ages 2 to 19 fall into one of four categories: underweight: BMI below the 5th percentile normal weight: BMI at the 5th and less than the 85th percentile overweight: BMI at the 85th and below 95th percentiles obese: BMI at or above 95th percentile For kids younger than 2 years old, doctors use weight-for-length charts instead of BMI to determine how a baby's weight compares with his or her length.

Your body goes through so much. All the rage addition to slowly working on her mobility and strength, Pilkington also began to change her diet. For case, she switched to a primarily plant-based diet. She also eliminated dairy as she noticed it made her breastfeeding daughter gassy.

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