How To Meet Women While Traveling Alone

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This way, she can accept the invitation to spend more time with you in a private setting without committing to physical contact prior to spending a few minutes with you in private. If she does accept, she knows what might or might not happen in your hotel room. It is up to you to be a gentleman when you get upstairs. If she isn't thirsty or she doesn't like tea then you know you will need to wait until a future encounter. Relevant Seinfeld episode Edit: Comment requested a reason why this is a good idea. I feel like I covered all the reasons already, but I guess I need to be more explicit. Here's a list of reasons in gory detail.

A few of the reasons you will absolutely be able to relate to guaranteed! Adventurous Having hotel sex always seems to be kind of adventurous en route for me. The opportunity to hook ahead in an elevator should never be passed up by anyone! Neutral Before a live audience Field Aside from the guy almost certainly purchasing the room, the hotel area is a neutral place that makes all parties feel completely comfortable. This type of thing is completely avoided with hotel sex. King Size Band High-end hotels have the nicest beds you can ever imagine. I adoration having sex on a hotel band for those basic reasons alone. Around are never any issues or mishaps that occur that involve messy cloudy sheets.

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