How This Entrepreneur's Deep Desire to Succeed Helped Him Overcome Addiction

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For Jo Scott, her spiral into drug addiction began 16 years ago when her husband was tragically killed in a car crash. His shock death, which left her caring for their three young children alone, made her angry at the world and desperate to numb the pain she was feeling. At first she tried to keep busy, thinking time would heal her. But eventually, after her relationship following her husband's death broke down, she said she hit 'rock bottom'. Jo Scott above, two weeks before she quit using became an ice addict after turning to the drug when her husband was killed.

Along with three key steps, he uncovered the root of his issues and started to live a new life devoid of the toxic habits. Of course, I was in deep denial. The accuracy felt like hell on earth, although what saved me was my appeal as an entrepreneur: I deeply hunt to succeed. I knew I had to break my habits and aim my anxiety and depression to acquire to the next level. At the time, I was feeling hopeless, embarrass and isolated.

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