A classy woman with a bit of hood and an unseen naughty mind

Classy lady know 334497

Be a woman! Be as independent as you can, educate yourself, read, travel, take care of yourself, go to spa, go to the gym, dress good and when I say good I do not mean expensive, dress with a decent taste of fashion. Be disciplined! Those who want such women are just boys playing man because they are not man enough to have a woman so they just take low girls by their side so they can feel better. A man wants a classy woman with a bit of hood and an unseen naughty mind. Be a classy lady because you want to make him feel proud and grateful and Goodman lucky he has you on his side. Be proud and walk with grace making the ones that stares at you jealous on you. Make him want to look at no one else but you!

Men crack me up — to be fair, myself included. We all accomplish. We all know exactly the brand of woman we ought to aim up with in order to allow a happy and healthy relationship. Although guess what? Men choose the abysmal girl instead of the good child four out of five times. Constant though we all know that choosing the good girl is the astute decision, we almost never choose her. Here are 12 reasons:. Bad is exciting. For men, quite literally.

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