Predictors of Sexual Hookups: A Theory-Based Prospective Study of First-Year College Women

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Abstract Hooking up, or engaging in sexual interactions outside of committed relationships, has become increasingly common among college students. This study sought to identify predictors of sexual hookup behavior among first-year college women using a prospective longitudinal design. We used problem behavior theory Jessor, as an organizing conceptual framework and examined risk and protective factors for hooking up from three domains: personality, behavior, and perceived environment. Using two-part modeling with logistic and negative binomial regression, we identified predictors of hooking up.

Allocate DreamWorks The often discussed, much maligned, and occasionally defended hookup culture bears a name that perfectly captures the boring, lifeless, and dull sexuality so as to dominates the lives of too a lot of young Americans. It is mechanical, expert, and instrumental. It is a call belonging to machinery, not humanity. George Carlin said that language always gives us away. In her important, astute, and brave new book, The Aim of Sex: How Hookup Culture is Leaving a Generation Unhappy, Sexually Disappointed, and Confused About Intimacy, Donna Freitas, scrutinizes, analyzes, and criticizes hookup background after spending time on several academy campuses interviewing thousands of students a propos sex, romance, and the social anxiety to conform to a culture so as to, in her words, promotes and produces bad sex, boring sex, drunken femininity you don't remember, sex you couldn't care less about, sex where appeal is absent, sex that you allow just because everyone else is also or that just happens. Freitas' barney is well-researched and well-grounded, and she is sharp enough to condemn connect culture on sexual grounds, rather than ethical grounds. Her solutions to the problem, jammed into the end of the book, are rather weak after that unpromising, but her indictment couldn't be stronger. Based on her discussions along with college students across the country, Freitas provides three criteria for defining a hookup: 1 A hookup involves a few form of sexual intimacy.

Although sitting in seminars for hours by a time might not be the best part of moving back en route for campus, there are certainly other things that make college worth it — making new friends, exploring old interests, and all those bucket list places to hook up on campus. That's right: Hooking up on campus can not be recommended by your dean, but a lot of students assist anyway. I asked a handful of women to share their daring property hookup stories, from frolicking in cornfields on the outer edge of the quad, doing it in their finest friend's dorm room bed. While their tales are sure to make you literally LOL, know that it's absolutely OK if they don't mirror your own college experience. Additionally, if you do choose to be sexually committed in college, make sure that you're practicing safe and consensual sex. Abuse protection, communicate regularly with your affiliate, and consider routinely visiting your property health center for check-ups.

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