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As demerit points add up, an individual will typically experience an increase in insurance rates along with possible licenses suspension and loss of their vehicle. The Ministry of Transportation in Ontario established our demerit point system to track driving records. Individuals begin with 0 demerit points and accumulate them as speeding offenses accumulate. These demerit points will remain on a drivers license for two years following the offense date. Ontario drivers can also have demerit points added to their license for violating traffic laws in the state of Michigan and New York, along with other provinces and territories in Canada. Oftentimes, individuals travel at higher speeds because they are in a hurry to get to their location. However, these individuals are also putting themselves, along with everyone around them at an increased risk of danger. In other instances ignorant individuals may not realize they are exceeding the speed limit, which may be more dangerous than intentionally breaking the speed limit.

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