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This is a true story about my first ever mfm threesome I had… I had been having casual sex with a girl I met online for about a month. Her name was Danielle. She was short, curvy and could squirt like a fire hose. I asked what she thought of the prospect of being double penetrated by her two favourite cocks, mine being one of them. She said she had never done it before, but was very keen to participate. Having watched women in porn appear to be in ecstasy during double penetration, my curiosity was piqued. Having the place myself for a good month, I figured it best to seize the opportunity and go for it.

Afterwards having our second child and accomplishment a vasectomy we began to come flooding back our sexuality and what our bedtime shenanigans would look like moving accelerate. Our new sex life began en route for get very hot. Flash forward en route for July last year. Thankfully, he was more than interested and the nerves began to settle in. The calendar day itself was great.

After all one evening when visiting an aged friend it happened. We have been friends for nearly 30 years, altogether of us fit and active. The wine began to flow and we eventually after our second bottle drifted into a conversation about sex. No one of us are too comfortable chat about but the drift was a nice change. Our friend had been divorced for some time, was dating some 30 somethings and he was very focused on the sexual association between him and them. My companion was complaining a bit about aching shoulders when he offered to allocate her his patented by rub. He started as she held her beaker of wine that I refilled a lot. The conversation continued and he explained he had never had a threeway but dreamed of two women after that I told him I had dreamed of two men pleasing my companion. We then both asked my companion what would you like

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