100 Summer Fun Ideas for Kids and Parents

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Nasty weather can sometimes keep kids stuck inside. Being cooped up inside can be frustrating for kids and parents. Often children spend more time using screens like TV and tablets than they normally would because of their limited play options. When kids say they are bored, there are many different rainy day activities and games children can try instead of using screens. From easy crafting to fun learning activities, there are so many rainy day games that can keep kids on the move and entertained. Check out these kid activities perfect for a day indoors. She cuts scraps of paper and writes a different activity for kids on each one. Anything fun and easy, such as crafts and activities that use household items, are best for rainy days and kids of all age.

Got kids? This town offers winning after that illuminating escapades for all — as of swaying toddlers to hard-to-impress teens. The diversity of memory-creating experiences makes St. Louis an unrivaled choice for vacations for all kinds of families. After that factor in that so many of our attractions are free , after that a weekend or week-long stay is especially appealing!

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