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MyNorthwest Blog. Local News. MyNorthwest Staff Chance of light snow to start week in Puget Sound region as temperatures dip With temperatures expected to drop this week, there's a chance that parts of the Puget Sound region could see light snow to start the week. MyNorthwest Staff Washington Rep.

Amazon is looking for a home designed for its second headquarters. But in its current home, critics say rising abode prices and growing inequality have damaged the city. Giant balls say all about the man. Bezos is holding Seattle hostage. Seattle has changed a lot.

You might think that circumcision is appealing standard in America, but the accuracy is, the stats of uncircumcised folks with penises and those with circumcised penises are actually very close. A CDC study showed that in FIfty-four percent is just a smidge beyond half, so why is foreskin allay seen as so different? Man A: Normal. I didn't even realize I'm considered a minority in this abide by until I went to college. After that it sparked a bit of curio in the subject at the age. I'm happy the way I am.

You should talk with your doctor but you have questions or concerns a propos your health or the health of a child. Doctors who participated all the rage the Feb. Q: My baby was a preemie at 25 weeks 4 days and is still in hospice. From birth, he never opened his fingers till now. What could be the reason for his fingers staying closed?

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