10 Soulmate Love Myths Everyone Needs to Read

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Photo by Hean Prinsloo on Unsplash Soulmate. Some religions believe the soul is split in two, and to become one soul you must find your perfect match. Plato, the Greek philosopher, wrote about all souls being one before Zeus split them apart. In the Bible, as well as other more recent religious texts, the idea of a soulmate centers on a spiritual connection between partners. A deeper, intimate connection, more than just attraction. The idea has bubbled up for centuries. A romanticized idea of one perfect mate for everyone on this planet. All you need to do is sift through the sand and uncover that one piece of gold, destined for you. Some of us have done a lot of sifting.

We were taught that we only allow one true love out there after that that this person who is all the time the opposite gender completes us. At the same time as we grow older many of us seek to fulfill this romantic archetype. In fact, some of us constant carry around a mental idea of what our soulmates will look akin to, sound like, and behave like. Body a romantic soul myself, I all the time thought that my soulmate would be a tall, mysterious, rebellious, Australian chap.

A Soul Mate is a member of your soul family. These are erstwhile souls that come into our lives for one reason or another, after that they can be family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, lovers and even enemies. We all have a soul and after we encounter other souls in our lives, the friction of the appointment between two energy forces can build different, intriguing and challenging effects. Basically some of the souls that appear into our lives will help us grow in love and wisdom, although others will aid us in culture difficult life lessons or universal truths.

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