What pushes someone to cut all ties with their mother or father?

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What pushes someone to cut all ties with their mother or father? But instead of cuddles and family outings, her lasting memories are of bitter rows. On one occasion, my grandparents took me away and I remember thinking, this is what family should be like. My only regret is not telling my dad how much I hated him.

Accessory theory suggests babies are born along with the need to attach to their primary caregiver. This bond is as a rule formed with your mother. It becomes your first relationship and partly lays the groundwork for other important relationships you develop throughout life — explicitly, with romantic partners. According to accessory theory, there are two main types of attachment, along with several subtypes. You could depend on her, accordingly you feel comfortable trusting other central people in your life. Securely close people generally feel safe and accept intimacy within relationships. Insecure attachment Conceivably your mother was physically or expressively absent or showed up sometimes, although not always. In either case, your might turn out to be a bite insecure.

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