20 Butt-Lifting Exercises for a Tight : and Strong! Tush

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We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. Why trust us? After all, it's mostly just sitting there, minding its own business and maybe helping to hold up your jeans. But you might be surprised by what you can learn from your derriere, from disease risk to how much you should or shouldn't be exercising. Here are just a few things you can glean from your rear end. Looking for more simple, smart tips? It might be good news for your health. It's also associated with healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Translation: A round booty may mean you have a lower risk of developing heart disease, high cholesterol, or diabetes.

Your butt plays a key role all the rage hip extension, abduction , and alternation, and selecting exercises that target all movement pattern will help sculpt after that strengthen your glutes. Glute bridges Glute bridges are a great exercise designed for all levels, and the movement archetype is similar to the more byzantine exercises featured below. You can achieve this exercise with a dumbbell before loop band, or without any apparatus. Start by lying on your ago with your knees bent and arms at your side. Your feet should be 12—16 inches 30—40 cm as of your butt. Press into your heels, brace your core, and push your pelvis upward by squeezing your glutes. Ensure your chest does not boost during this movement. Hold for 2 seconds and lower your hips ago to the ground.

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