Mars in Sagittarius will make your sex life adventurous

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Mars — the fiery red planet so as to rules sex, desire and drive — will begin an exotic dance as of Dec. No longer are we chained to others or even to who we once thought we were. Mars in Sagittarius is about breaking at no cost and exploring all of the angry, passionate and unique possibilities that animation has to offer. Feeling adventurous? Oh, you will be! Sagittarius is the zodiac sign that rules expansive advance and stepping outside of our bolster zones.

We are scared that things could attempt wrong, that things will be awkward, and that things might not attempt as expected. But taking a bound of faith and throwing yourself addicted to the unknown can be very gratifying. It means that you fully admission of defeat to all expectations that you after that others have ever had of by hand. It means that you allow by hand to start anew and feel absolutely free.

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