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What happened? Metzner: He sprained his wrist punching a wall. Emma: You texted me that you were dying. Adam: It really hurt. Metzner: I gave him some Hydrocodone for the night. You might want to have Dr. Kurtzman here drive you home.

Ahead of Superbad, Hollywood romantic comedies were boring, predictable and puritanical tales of eccentric characters who only needed a a small amount push to realize that they were perfect for each other. After the smashing success of the Apatow films, romantic comedies are now bland, banal and puritanical tales of quirky characters who only need a little advance to realize they are perfect designed for each other, plus a lot of swearing and a lot of address about sex. It is even inferior to see Natalie Portman taking the useless talking-vagina role usually reserved designed for the likes of Katherine Heigl before Jennifer Aniston. Forty-five minutes in, they realize that it would be a great idea to just hook ahead and have sex with…. Oh, certainly, no strings attached. So the flash someone starts feeling something, they bidding call it quits.

Lying next to each other, but not touching. Emma stall has her shoes on. EMMA I don't know. EMMA No. We're neighbors 'on. Fuck Avenue. EMMA What's wrong with buddies'? ADAM Who says buddies? EMMA Yeah, you're right.

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